Punta Arenas

Both islands form an interesting ecosystem, making an obligatory visit for any visitor, whereas Marta Island lodges more than 1000 Sea lions, Cormorants, Skuas, Austral seagull, Antartic pigeon and Sea elephants. The Magdalena Island allows us to interact with one of the majors colonies of Magellan Penguins, going beyond the 150,000 birds. During the navigation it is possible to sight Austral Dolphins and Overas Toninas (kind of dolphins).

To protect wild life, Marta Island is only circumnavigated to admire and photograph the Colony and the diversity of marine birds that live there. However in Magdalena Island it is possible to disembark for about one hour, to walk and to interact with the colony. This excursion departure is from our office every day, depending on weather conditions.

$75,000 CLP per person

Location: Magdalena and Marta islands, Magellan strait, Punta Arenas.

Duration: 4.5 hours.

Season: From October 1st until March 31st

Presentation time: 07:00 am at office in the centre of Punta Arenas

If you are travelling from a cruiser ship we can arrange a special schedule : contact us !

Included / Not Included

Included: Transfer (from office in the centre to the pier), navigation (speedboat), entrance, guide, coffee and biscuits.

Not included: Pick up from hotel to the office


Recommendations: Warm clothes or thermal and waterproof wear, gloves, cap with earflaps, comfortable trekking shoes or boots (not sandals at all), personal backpack with bags inside for keeping items dry, sunglasses with UV protection, a supply of sun cream of suitable factor for your skin.

Observations: If 100% of the tour is not made, as a result of adverse weather conditions, there will be a refund for the part of the service that was not possible.