Horseback-riding Laguna Sofía

Laguna Sofía

 From each natural lookout riders can observe different landscapes such as Laguna Sofia, hills, mountains and paleontological sites. The trip goes through ancient native beech woods and a variety of birds can be observed including the magnificent condor


Location: Laguna Sofía, Cuevas y Sierra Señoret (24 kms from Puerto Natales)

Availability: From October to April.

Difficulty: Low to Medium

Duration: 3 hours approx.

Departure time: 9:00 am (From April: 10:00 am) o 3:00 pm from Estancia Laguna Sofia

It includes
Transport, bilingual guides (Spanish and English), equipment: riding helmets, leather chaps, high quality saddles equipped with leather saddle bags and a sheepskin saddle pad. 
Warm rain jacket and gloves. It is inadvisable to wear plastic ponchos or shorts. The use of selfie sticks and drones is not recommended.

$ 42,000 CLP per person without transport


$ 60,000 CLP per person with transport